Murray Mysteries

Every morning I wake up & thank Knoves storytelling for the Jonathan Harker they crafted

– ispridestillasin on Tumblr

A Knöves Storytelling production written, directed, and produced by May Toudic.

Our maiden podcast is Murray Mysteries, a full-cast audio-drama style reimagining of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, set in the present day.

Mina Murray is an unemployed twenty-something, jigsaw puzzler, and brand new Podcaster. Her life doesn’t exactly make for interesting content. That is until her best friend Lucy falls mysteriously ill and Mina’s boyfriend Jonathan loses contact on a work trip to Castle Dracula…

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

4.7 out of 5 rating on Spotify

‘Interesting story with fun and unique characters! Would definitely recommend.’

– 5 stars from Dipper on Podcast Addict

Cast List

In order of appearance.

  • Drew Victorie
  • Megan John
  • Bebhinn Tankard
  • Christina Krawec
  • Tom Magennis
  • Rebecca Krause
  • Ari Willis

Fan Art Gallery

  • A compilation of images showing the cast of Murray Mysteries referring to character Van Helsing in the style of "How do I even begin to describe Regina George" from Mean Girls
  • A purple valentine card with the words "Is that a wooden stake in your pocket or are you happy to see me winky face From Drac"
  • An image of a young woman with thick curly hair and blue eyes cradling a man with grey hair in one hand as she points angrily and a pale man with an undercut.
  • A couple sit at a table with tea and huddled under a blanket. A man on the left with short hair is mostly swamped in the blanket held by a woman with thick curly hair in a large jumper. They both look out of frame to an unknown source
  • A painting of a young woman with a mug of tea. She has long curly hair and her eyes are shut with a smile in clear enjoyment of the drink. The painting is done is bright unnatural neon colours.
  • A sketch of a character labelled as "Faceless Van Helsing" sitting on the shoulders of a large muscular man labelled as "Quincey" as they string up decorations.

People Who Loved It

  • ‘Interesting story with fun and unique characters! Would definitely recommend.’ – 5 stars from Dipper on Podcast Addict

  • ‘I like this show a lot, I get a little lost sometimes but it kinda adds to it lol. Definitely was not what I was expecting, a cool and different perspective.’ – 4 stars from kellybeans on Podchaser

  • So far the most faithful adaptation of the book ‘I’ve been waiting for someone to do a modern day Dracula, and I love that it’s Mina’s podcast. I’m excited to see where it goes!’ – 5 stars from Sharone Malka on Apple Podcasts

  • ‘Oh guys, Murray Mysteries is VERY good. It’s kept all the stuff that I liked about Dracula (1897) and made some modern changes I appreciate a lot like queer characters and gender bending, but kept the emotional heart and shape of the story.’ – disregardcanon on Tumblr

  • ‘every morning I wake up & thank knoves storytelling for the jonathan harker they crafted.’ – ispridestillasin on Tumblr

  • ‘I’ve mentioned it several times before, but as someone whose favorite book is Dracula, and owns 5 copies of the book in various mediums- Murray Mysteries is the best Dracula adaptation we’ve gotten. Like… Ever’ – audiogremlin on Tumblr

  • ‘what is the best adaptation of Dracula, and why is it Murray Mysteries?’ – princ3ssf33t on Tumblr

  • Reasons to Love Murray Mysteries
    • Accurate to Novel – While being a modern adaption, this podcast stays fairly close to the plot of the book. All of the characters you love get their time to shine and are characterized accurately! A few characters are gender-swapped, but again they are characterized so well and the story stays the same.
    • LGBTQ+ Representation – Most (if not all) the characters are queer, which is amazing to see. This includes non-binary, ace, and bi representation that is too rarely depicted in media. Representation matters, and personally it’s been so exciting for me to see some of my favorite characters are like me!
    • Amazing Relationships – Again the characters of Dracula are undoubtedly my favorite part of the book, and they are rarely portrayed well in media. Murray Mysteries instead lets the relationships take front and center. Mina and Lucy’s friendship is fantastic and will inevitably pull on your heartstrings. Seward’s relationship with Van Helsing gets lots of attention, while Quincey and Art are equally allowed humor and depth. Finally, Jonathan and Mina get to be the amazing, supportive couple they are without any forced Dracula/Mina romance.
    • Easy to Listen – The podcast is super easy to listen to and is available on Spotify. The episodes are only a few minutes long so you can easily binge them all or take your time if you don’t want to commit to a longer show. It’s also so funny and you’ll quickly become invested! Dracula as a vaping, sarcastic king? Iconic.

That all being said, I highly recommend giving it a listen! It’ll make you laugh, cry, and everywhere in between!’ – oddlyenthusiast on Tumblr

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