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Morland PI Cast Announcement

Here it is! Our new adaption project, written by the genius behind Murray Mysteries – May Toudic.  A modern queer adaptation of Northanger Abbey, you will find a few similar voices from the cast of Murray Mysteries.  Megan John – The Voice of Lucy Westenra – will be staring as Kit Morland, a private investigator […]

Nature of Knoves – May 2022

Hello Everyone! Long time no see – we here at Knoves have been swamped with daily life. Whilst we try and get Knoves off the ground we currently all volunteer our time and energy into this project, which means that sometimes, things tend to be slower to allow for everyday life. Bills need to be […]

Podcast Review – Station Arcadia

Welcome to Wednesday, all you wonderful listeners! It’s Beb again, and since I last spoke to you, I’ve been doing lots and lots of market research (and by that, I don’t mean listen to as many podcasts as I can to procrastinate my dissertation. Definitely not. If my supervisor sees this, absolutely not.)This week, Murray […]

Behind The Voices – Rebecca Krause

Welcome to another Wonderful Wednesday! This week’s episode of Murray Mysteries saw the debut of the eminent Professor Van Helsing, and to celebrate, here’s a quick interview with her amazing voice actor! Can you tell us your name and pronouns? Rebecca Krause (she/her) In what ways are you like your character? I think Van Helsing […]

Behind The Voice – Megan John

Whoop! It’s Wednesday! It’s March! It’s a Knoves Blog Post! We hope you’re having a great week so far – now, hot off the presses, check out this interview with one of our fabulous VAs! Can you tell us your name and pronouns? Megan John and my pronouns are she/her Who do you play, and […]

Beb Takes Over!

Welcome to another Wednesday… …and time for an update from your favourite little podcasters who could! (Well, we better be your favourite. You’re not listening to other podcasts on the side, are you? Are you? We knew it! How could you!) If you can’t tell from the awkward attempts at humour, it’s Beb at the wheel […]

Nature of Knoves – Feb 2021

So that’s it, we officially have a published podcast. The Gothic Comedy Murray Mysteries released on Feb 1st, and the 16 episodes of season one will be released every Monday at 12GMT. The whole team is so excited! We’ve already had such a lovely reception, and though it is small, it is mighty. You have […]