The Collective

Co-Director, Lead Producer

May Toudic

May Toudic is the co-director and lead producer of Knöves Storytelling. She writes, directs and produces Murray Mysteries, as well as the upcoming Morland PI and acts in several of the company’s projects currently in production. When she isn’t juggling her creative hats, May works as a cat mother, doctoral candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Aberdeen. Her research focuses on adaptation, modernisation and the relationship between 19th-century novels and 21st-century media.

Co-Director, Financial Manager

Bebhinn Tankard

Bebhinn Tankard (she/they) is the co-director of Knöves Storytelling, the financial manager and the voice of Dr Seward in Murray Mysteries. They are currently writing for an upcoming production when they’re not getting distracted by writing for a hundred other projects and my life as an international student. If found, don’t ask her what she’s going to do when she graduates. Do offer her tea and cake.

Executive Assistant, Lead Transcriptionist

Cass Scott

Cass Scott (she/her) is the executive assistant and lead transcriptionist for Knoves Storytelling. She’s acting in one of the projects in production and the creative lead for another. An allegedly human person, Cass studied Translation and minored in Theatre at the University of Ottawa, which makes her a certified dramatic word nerd. She can often be found in online spaces being enthusiastic about a variety of subjects including her friends and their creative endeavours.

Co-Director, Design Manager

Drew Frankie Victorie

Drew (she/they) is in charge of all things art and technology. Between her career in software and her love of making things, Drew manages to combine their two sides into one big but nice looking mess. They are currently spending their limited free time either writing or learning to make games so she can bring her loves together. Voice of Mina Murray, Frankie, and Achilles she is often typecast as the gay anxious mess – even though she likes to think she is very cool.