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Podcast Review – Station Arcadia

Welcome to Wednesday, all you wonderful listeners!

It’s Beb again, and since I last spoke to you, I’ve been doing lots and lots of market research (and by that, I don’t mean listen to as many podcasts as I can to procrastinate my dissertation. Definitely not. If my supervisor sees this, absolutely not.)
This week, Murray Mysteries is delighted to be cross-promoting with Station Arcadia.

Station Arcadia follows multiple characters and storylines through a dystopian world that is sometimes very like our own (military-industrial complex and rampant capitalism, anyone?) and in other places almost unrecognisable.  Some stories have happy endings – many do not. We are guided masterfully through this world through the voice of our narrator, Kass, who is there to broadcast the stories the (possibly organic? Possibly sentient?) station has to tell.

We are thrown into the action from the get-go, and it can take a while to get your bearings, but the podcast makes wonderful use of sound to enhance storytelling, with an impressive range of music and effects – it’s definitely making the best use of the podcasting medium to build its world, so shout-out to the audio team! I also really appreciate the casual, natural inclusivity of queer and disabled characters.

The self-declared nature of the show is that you can dip in and out of the series, listening only to the stories that appeal to you or listening in order and building a larger picture of the world. And with storylines about political hopefuls and starving artists to cowboys and revolutionaries, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

Sound good? Episodes of Station Arcadia are released bi-weekly, Fridays 5pm GMT – stay safe, stay moving, stay close, and don’t miss them!


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